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The Escape Series _ Downloads And Information _ Download - The Escape Series - Escape 2

Posted by: incy247 Jan 20 2006, 04:33 PM

The Escape Series - Escape 2

So here are some details for ya!
+Escape 2 consists of 5 maps, A through E
+It works (and works well I might add) on 2 - 16 player games
+Estimated playing time can be anything from an hour to 3 hours if you're playing all the way through
+Over 30 Screen shots can be found here in the Gallery

Also here's some more background info for you
The Escape Series is a map series all bases around puzzle solving and heavy team work, Escape 2 is the Sequel to original map Escape 1 (Found here in the BOMS) So now Escape 2 takes the basic ideas from Escape 1 and makes a bigger, better designed, better looking and more puzzling map than the first!

For those who don't know, in Escape 1 the main idea was to use Team work and some smarts to Escape this underground facility of which you had been made prisoner. Although most of the map consisted of Puzzle solving some of it was aimed at monsters and boss fights!

And now the download links!
Please note: the map comes in an installer package and it should automatically point to your steam accounts half-life folder if it does not please do so manually
(Example - C:\Program Files\Valve\Steam\SteamApps\\half-life)

Download Escape 2