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> Board Guidelines - Read These Before Posting, Return to the forum

1. No adult material what so ever

2. Spamming or Excessive Swearing will result in your IP being suspended

3. You are allowed one signature/banner and one avatar. (you maybe allowed more thank 1 Sig banner in some cases)

4. Signature size limit and file size limit to be decided by Incy, You can practically tell what is to big, if your unsure ask incy.

5. No racism/sexism allowed, in here everybody is equal and should be treated fairly.

6. Adult Content/Hacking/DoS Attacks and/or other means of damaging the forums are forbidden and will be dealt with as severely as possible with the appropriate authorities being notified.

7. Admins/Moderators cannot be held liable for messages of an inappropriate nature. Complaints regarding posts should be directed to Incy or a moderator if he is unavailable at the time.

8. Re-Editing your post after it has been edited by a moderator/admin will result in you being Suspended from the board for 24 hours full stop.

9. No signature abuse, they are a luxury not a right.

10. The Administrators reserve the right to change or alter these rules at any time and an Administrator's word is final.

11. No Links to Warez or Illegal Software allowed.

12. No personal/hate attacks allowed, if you wish to argue do it elsewhere.

These rules are here for a reason, respect them and do not abuse them for any reason!

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