Web Design

Web Design

Since 2003 I have been developing my skills in Web Design using technologies such as HTML, CSS, Adobe Flash, PHP and MySQL. I have created several websites for personal use (like the one you are on now!), university assessment and businesses. Here's a list of some of my most recent work:

  • incy247.com


    The most recent incarnation of my personal website! Built from scratch in PSPad, this site was designed using PHP with a MySQL backend along with standards compliant HTML 4.01 and CSS 2.0.
  • lornaslilliputs.co.uk

    Lorna's Lilliputs

    A website designed to promote Lorna's Lilliputs child minding business in Telford
  • Mennell & Mennell Plumbing

    Mennell & Mennell Plumbing

    This website was designed to promote Mennell and Mennell's plumbing business in Shrewsbury.
  • Web Fundamentals Assessment

    Web Fundamentals Assessment

    My first year university website module exam. Shows use of standards compliant HTML and CSS.
  • The Escape Series

    The Escape Series

    A content management system used to support my level development for Half-Life and Source.
  • LoCoWebDesign.com


    A Web design site I created to promote some freelance work.
  • JulieForward.co.uk


    A website designed for a local signer to promote her business.

If you're interested in my work or would like me to develop a website for you, head on over the contact page and send me an e-mail!