You're A Pirate!

The Return of the Pirates!

Incy Turns Twenty!

20 Years!

Today's my twentieth birthday, Free drinks all around!

Welcome to V3

Welcome to the new, home to my personal website.

Rebuilt from the ground up and hand coded in PSPAD (HTML CSS and PHP), building this website has always been a learning process and also helps show off my current skills. What you see at the moment is only the base for the new site as many new features are planned to be added.

Things Coming Soon!

  • Hand made PHP Gallery for users to upload images
  • New Countdown System
  • Bi Monthly Polls

A comparison of the 3 major version of my personal website over the years, from left to right Version 1, 2 and 3.

Screenshot of version 1 Screenshot of version 2 Screenshot of version 3

Thanks for visiting the new site, come back soon to check out the new features! Also why not give the Theme Selector a try?

Christmas Countdown

With December just around the corner I've added a new countdown to the site, Click Here to check it out!